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Jens Jakob Andersen on How To Optimize Your Running Form, Performance and Minimize Injury

Jens Jakob Anderson

Jens Jakob Andersen is a former competitive runner, a statistician, a minimalist, and most importantly, the Founder and CEO of the immensely popular – if not the most popular – running shoe review website on the Internet, RunRepeat.com. What’s fascinating about Jens and RunRepeat is not only the extensive amount of comprehensive-yet-straightforward, useful information on …

Body By Science Author, Dr Doug McGuff on Strength Training Fundamentals, The 4-Hour Body and How to Train to Succeed at Obstacle Races

Dr. Doug McGuff, author of HIT book Body by Science and high-intensity training expert

Check out the interview I did with Dr Doug McGuff. Doug lives in South Carolina and is the co-author of Body by Science, owner of Ultimate Exercise gym, drmcguff.com and bodybyscience.net, and a full-time ER Room Physician. Doug is one of the world’s leading experts in High Intensity Strength Training and works tirelessly to help people …