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Kyle Recchia – HIT Business Productivity Strategies and Tactics (#180)

Kyle Recchia with wife, Tiffani

Kyle Recchia (kyle.recchia [@] theperfectworkout.com) is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for The Perfect Workout, the largest high intensity training studio chain in the United States with ~70 locations. In this episode, Kyle and I discuss productivity strategies and tactics, and how The Perfect Workout team use different methodologies to drive business results. We discuss …

Nick Paterson – How To Reduce Inflammation, Transform Your Mental Health, And Start A Personal Training Business (#171)

Nick Paterson

Nick Paterson is an engineer, former RAF and commercial pilot, blogger, and Owner of Ultimate Fitness. In 2008, the financial crash took down Nick’s business in Finite Element Analysis Design, which catalysed Nick’s decision to become a house husband and focus on raising his young daughter. It was during this time that Nick realised his health …