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Dr Ted Naiman – The Benefits Of High Protein, The Truth About Fasting, And The Problems With The Carnivore Diet

Ted Naiman Bulked Up and Shredded

Dr. Ted Naiman (Burnfatnotsugar.com) is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has used his extensive knowledge and understanding of diet, nutrition, and exercise to treat patients, helping them lose weight, greatly improve their health, and drastically improve – in some cases reverse – metabolic and autoimmune diseases. Having been a vegetarian and a steady-state runner, Ted’s focus is …

Fahad Ahmad – The Origins of KetoGeek, Intermittent Feasting and How to Manage Information Overwhelm

Fahad Ahmad - KetoGeek

Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur and founder of KetoGeek: Energy Pods and science-based information on health, food and nutrition. Check out the KetoGeek Podcast, Blog, and YouTube Channel. Check out my interview on KetoGeek – HERE In this episode, we cover: The Ketogenic diet The Carnivore diet Intermittent feasting The genesis and grand mission of KetoGeek …