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Mark Houghton on HIT Bodybuilding, Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty, and Zone Training (J-Reps)

Mark Houghton

Mark Houghton is a pro bodybuilder, BNBF (British National Bodybuilding Federation) British Over-40s and Overall Masters Champion. Mark made his professional debut at the DFAC (Natural Bodybuilding) world finals and placed 3rd in the Masters Class. Early on in his training, Mark was introduced to the work of Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer. Throughout his training career, Mark …

John Heart on How He Won Mr America At 48-Years-Old

John Heart - high intensity training

John Heart (@MrAHeart and Insta: @mraheart) is a renowned trainer and teacher within the fitness industry. He is also a Natural Pro Bodybuilder who has won the title of Mr. America and Natural Mr. Universe. His primary platforms used for training/teaching include in-gym, YouTube, and all forms of social media including Facebook. John currently trains …