Doug Holland – How To Start And Grow A Strength Training Business

Doug Holland
“Because I have created this to be some kind of secret underground club, and they want to be in” – Doug Holland

Doug Holland is a strength training expert, accomplished power-lifter and owner of Intelligent Exercise. This is Doug’s second appearance on the podcast. You can listen to Part 1 here.

In this episode, we discuss how to start and grow a strength training business the Doug Holland way.

Contact Doug:

  • Doug Holland’s Intelligent Exercise: +1 318-458-1487
  • Email deepsquat1: [@] aol [.] com

We cover:

  • How to start a HIT business in terms of equipment selection (high vs low-budget)
  • How to assess if an area is right for strength training services
  • How to attract clients when you’re starting from scratch
  • … and much more!


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Would you like to hear more from Doug Holland? – Listen to part 1 here. In this episode, we discuss training for power lifting, optimising gains, Doug’s unique lifestyle and much more (stream below or right-click here to download):

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People Mentioned

  • Andrew May

    Big 2? Leg press and pull up?

    • Lawrence Neal

      I imagine so, I’ll ask Doug to comment … you never know!

    • Lawrence Neal

      Doug’s reply to me on email … lol:

      I tried to comment but would need a ZuckerbergFaceBook acct first(to which I refuse to register).
      Tell Andrew a pull-up/chin-up and leg press is a great choice for a Big 2

      • enlite

        I actually a few years back used pull-ups and split squats as a routine due to a nagging shoulder from heavy parallel bar dips . The routine was very effective and the pull-ups which i performed negative style and still do totally smokes and knots up your torso musculature !

  • Matt Ely

    Might just have to try making some new business cards…

    • Lawrence Neal

      They are ACE!

  • marcrph

    I would like to hear more about the “Big 2 mentioned!

    • Lawrence Neal

      Hi Marc – see my reply to Andrew May below

      • marcrph


        Please tell Doug…..Thanks!

  • enlite

    Doug is absolutely hilarious ! And extremely knowledgeable as well , great interview !

    • Lawrence Neal

      Thank you sir

  • James Atkinson

    I’m a little out of order in the episodes ha ha But finished this one today. Doug really does have so much to offer, and is so much fun to listen too . I’m torn too about more minimal programs and programs that have more isolation or single joint exercises included. Not as far as size and strength goes, more for athletes and addressing injury prevention, from muscle imbalances. Bottom line there are experts that have gotten great results from both methods

    • Lawrence Neal

      Pleased you enjoyed it James. Doug is really fun to chat with. A few people believe that strength and perhaps injury prevention can be mitigated with more direct work. Mike and I talk about that quite a bit in the second half of this episode: