Ari Meisel – How To Optimise, Automate And Outsource Your Business

Ari Meisel
“The more we sweat in training the less we bleed in war.” – Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel is a best-selling author, productivity expert, CEO, real estate developer, and green building consultant. Several years ago, Ari encountered and ultimately overcame severe personal roadblocks and that journey transformed his life.

Ari’s discoveries about personal and professional productivity have improved the lives of thousands of individuals and businesses. His proprietary process, the Less Doing System, is the foundation of his company, Less Doing, which offers individuals and enterprises road-tested methods to optimize, automate, and outsource everything. provides membership services, masterminds, events, courses and business consulting to help entrepreneurs increase productivity. They help entrepreneurs who have opportunity in excess of what their infrastructure will support by setting up systems and processes that empower a team. They show business owners how to make themselves more replaceable. By optimizing, automating and outsourcing everything in their lives, their business scales.

We cover:

  • How to optimise, automate and outsource aspects of your business
  • The importance of empowering your team and making yourself as replaceable as possible
  • The best online tools and apps for improved productivity
  • … and much more!

Listen below:

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People Mentioned

  • Andrew May

    That banana tea thing is nonsense, I’m betting it’s pure placebo.

    • Lawrence Neal

      Always the skeptic Andrew. Love it. You might be right, I haven’t looked into it in-depth.

      • Andrew May

        Well, the effect is supposedly based on the banana’s magnesium content. Try boiling a banana and measuring the water’s magnesium content, then try measuring the entire fruit’s magnesium content… actually eating a banana might be a better idea. Also check your RDA of magnesium compared to what you’re getting and of course the golden rule, check for prior plausibility before any of the above…..

        • Manlio

          I simply take…magnesium supplements! In the form of threonate that is supposed to be less “harmful” to the stomach and cross the blood-brain barrier. About the banana I will be concerned about the sugar level of this “tea” but, more than that, it’s really hard to find a REAL organic banana and there are anyway risk of dealing with fungi, more on the peel than inside. In the end: is this really worth?

          • Lawrence Neal

            Interesting points Manlio. Appreciate the contribution! 😀

          • Andrew May

            You’re ignoring prior plausibility though, does Magnesium play a role in sleep regulation? Yes, along with 400 other biological processes. Is it the sole thing or key factor responsible for rapid onset of sleep? No. Is there any strong evidence that an acute dose or supplementation above RDA of magnesium has a significant therapeutic effect on sleep onset….? Don’t get me started on the food phobias….

          • Manlio

            There are numerous variables impacting sleep (and many others biological activities). About Mg there is a strong literature about its effects on sleep anyway.
            and here a nice summary

          • Andrew May

            Thank you, I’ll keep eating plenty of green leafy vegetables. I think we can agree that the banana’s effect is going to be fairly negligible.